Inventory to the Max!

Easily share your Watchman Monitoring™ inventory with your clients


The Power of Inventory

Clients constantly want to know what equipment they own at a moments glance. Give it to them with

My Computer Inventory list

Inventory Made Easy

Connect to your Watchman Monitoring account and start showing off!

Simple for clients

Your clients want to know what inventory they have at a moments notice - you already have that, so make it nice and clean, and concise for them

What you share

Sometimes we want clients to see the details of the computer - including any alerts from Watchman Monitoring. Choose to show or hide them. 

Branded for you

When you invite your clients they will go to and see your branding. 

Setup in seconds

Put in your Watchman Monitoring API key, set your logo, and invite your clients - easy peasy lemon inventory!

F.A.Q - aka The Nitty Gritty

What's it take to setup

• Get your API key from Watchman Monitoring

• Get your sub-domain from Watchman Monitoring

• Put it all into

• Invite clients

• Done!

All for $9.99/month!

Add your invite clients to their specific group